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making shampoo bars a success!


There are so many different brands of shampoo out there, very cheap that you can just pick up on your weekly shop. In the U.K 38.5m plastic bottles are used every day, with the average household going through 216 bottles of hair products each year according to a survey carried out by beauty company Réduit. With only just over half of the 38.5m actually making it to recycling, that is a lot of bottles potentially ending up in landfill. The results from a study by Plymouth University reported that there was plastic found in a third of fish caught in the UK. This includes the tiny microplastics found in our oceans. A study published in the journal, Nature Commissions, found that 'the mass of microplastics in the upper waters - the area from sea surface down to around 650 feet (200 metres) - of the

Atlantic is approximately 12-21 million tonnes.’

That is a lot of plastic that can be potentially ingested by the bird population and marine life. Not only is this worrying for our wildlife but it can even then be ingested by you! This is why at Lily Lyla we will never stock products in plastic packaging. You will find our products in compostable packaging or in aluminium reusable containers.

Not only is the plastic pollution a huge problem but do you know what you are putting on your skin? Most commercial shampoo and conditioners contain chemical preservatives and foaming agents. We stock shampoo bars that are free from chemicals, instead using natural ingredients to care for your scalp and hair. Look for SLS Free and Paraben Free in our Products. Using a natural shampoo bar can even get rid of dandruff, as there are no chemicals drying your scalp out! Don't worry though you will still get a great lather from using a shampoo bar. Instead of using a foaming agent our brands instead create the lather by carefully chosen natural ingredients and the method they use to make them; such as cold-pressing.

You may look at the price of a shampoo bar and not like the price. But a shampoo bar is a concentrate and can out live at least 3 bottles of liquid shampoo depending on the price. So over time your getting your money back!


Switching from liquid shampoo to a shampoo bar you need to accept there will be a transition phase of at least a week, so if your not seeing results stick with it! This is due to your scalp needing time to rebalance its natural oil production. During your transition phase you experience a dry or oils scalp/hair, you can end up with frizzy or waxy hair, and you can even have residue left. Don't worry give your body time to adjust!

Not every shampoo bar is right for you. We are all different, lets face it has every liquid shampoo been great for you? If your not happy try a different one, what is great about natural shampoo bars is that you can see in the ingredients exactly what is in the bar!

There are some factors how ever that can affect the performance of a shampoo bar. Many treatments and dyes contain harsh chemicals that can reset the purging process, natural shampoo bars are not designed for coloured hair so you could experience fading, and being in a hard water area can affect the transition period.


Wet your hair and run the bar from the scalp to the tips of your hair in one direction, this will help prevent you creating any knots in the process. Repeat this method until you have enough lather in your hair. Massage your scalp and rinse your hair until all residue has gone.


There are some tips to allowing your body adjust to using a natural shampoo bar. Brushing your hair often throughout the day can help redistribute your natural oils through your hair. If your hair becomes frizzy or tangled just use some argan oil to tame the mane! Try to wait a few days to wash which will give your hair time to adjust, when you do wash it thoroughly to remove all residue. If your hair becomes oily, try using some dry shampoo before wash days. If your hair has a lot of product build up, you can use a soda rinse before washing your hair with the natural shampoo bar. To restore your hairs natural pH balance and remove old chemicals, instead of using condition you can use an apple cider vinegar rinse.


  • 1 part apple cider vinegar (use the type with ‘mother of vinegar’)

  • 4 parts water

  • A few drops of your favourite essential oil


Baking soda helps lift grease and product residue from your hair.

  • 1 tablespoon baking soda

  • 1 – 2 cups of warm water

Combine these ingredients in a spray bottle or cup, then wet your hair, apply the rinse, and work it through.  Now rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water, then shampoo it.


At Lily Lyla currently we stock shampoo bars from 2 amazing ethical brands, with more in the pipeline! If you don't fancy using a natural shampoo bar then we also have available a refillable shampoo bottle. The shampoo (and conditioner) comes in a refillable aluminium container, all you have to do when your finished is recycle it or buy the shampoo refill pouch at a reduced price which comes in fully compostable packaging. WIN! Just visit our hair care to see what our shampoos can do for you. We have bars that promote healthy hair growth, have anti-bacterial properties, are fragrance free for sensitive skin, are anti-fungal, relieve itching, and tame unmanageable hair. We've got you :)

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