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  • Where do you ship to?
    Currently we only ship to those living in the UK.
  • Is your packaging plastic free?
    The only time we would send our items with plastic packaging is if we were to reuse packaging that has been shipped with our stock. This would rarely happen as we find suppliers that have a plastic free policy too. However sometimes they will reuse plastic packaging sent to them, and if we can reuse it on our more fragile items then we will put it to good use instead of it ending up in landfill. We will never buy or purposely source plastic packaging.
  • Is your paper packaging recycled?
    Yes! We will always try to use boxes that has been sent with our stock, or ones we can source from other companies before buying in our own. When we do have to buy in new packaging we buy from ethical companies that sell packaging made from recycled paper. Even our gift boxes are made from recycled paper!
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