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If you are looking for that planet friendly gift for your special guests that they will absolutely love, we have some great options to give that wow factor.  Perfect for corporate events, staff meetings, conferences, wedding guests, Christmas gifts or any other special occasion you maybe planning for.

So what do you get?! 

Each pack includes:

1 x Bee Revival Keyring with the colour of your choice

1 x Beevive instructions leaflet

1 x pack of bee friendly wildflowers 

1 x Lily Lyla voucher

10+ Bee Saving Gift Packs £10.25 each 

10+ Bee Saving Gift Packs with gift bags with tissue paper & flower confetti £11.25 each

10+ Bee Saving Gift Packs gift boxed with tissue paper & flower confetti £12.50 each

If you would like slightly less packs, please send us a message to discuss your ideas.  For larger bulk orders we are able to offer discounts.  If you would like to bulk order other products to create gift packages, please get in touch with us to discuss options!

Contact us at: to order special event gifts.

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