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Supplying our Rescues

The loss of suitable habitat such as hedgerows and woodlands, along with the use of pesticides has resulted in as resulted in a serious decline.  It is believed numbers are down by half in Rural areas and a third in urban areas  Hedgehogs are now classified as vulnerable to extinction in Britain, which is why we need to help our Spikey mammals in every way possible!

We donate part our profits to help our Amazing local hedgehog rescues who are often working around the clock to treat, rehabilitate and release these amazing creatures.

How can you help?

Place an order via this collection.  Allow hedgehogs pass through your garden through a 13x13cm hole in your fence.  Place dry cat food and water in your garden, NO MILK.  Get yourself a hedgehog SAFE house!


£34.00 worth of food, supplies & funding donated so far

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